From time to time on this blog, I post things that are directed to my church family as part of events that are happening within our church. This is one of those times. On Sunday, I started a new sermon series that dives into our history within the Restoration Movement and makes connections to current … Continue reading Restoration

7 Reasons Not to Be Anxious

In the last few days, I have had a couple of conversations with some of Alameda's members who expressed struggling with feelings of anxiety over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the current state of affairs in our nation. Anxiety is defined as the inner feeling of apprehension, uneasiness, concern, worry and/or dread that is accompanied … Continue reading 7 Reasons Not to Be Anxious

A Song for Sunday

This Sunday at Alameda we will (finally) have the opportunity to honor our graduating seniors. Here's two versions of a song that highlights the core beliefs that will give those seniors a firm foundation from which to live their lives...

In Praise of Father God on Father’s Day

Several years ago, I "rewrote" the famous parable known as The Prodigal Son.  That parable is a beautiful portrait of the kind of father we have in God.  So, I thought it would be fitting to repost this re-telling of The Prodigal Son from Luke 15:11-32 on Father's Day, and here it is: They say that "time … Continue reading In Praise of Father God on Father’s Day

Ephesians 4:1-6 (A Prayer)

At Alameda, we are reading and praying our way through the New Testament book of Ephesians during a 21-Day Prayer and Scripture Experience. Today's passage is Ephesians 4:1-6, and here's a prayer based on that text... My Heavenly Father, As your servant, I desperately want to live a life that is worthy of the high … Continue reading Ephesians 4:1-6 (A Prayer)

Songs for Sunday

Here are four songs from The Zoe Group that go along with the theme of my sermon on Sunday.  Please join me online at or on any of Alameda's social media outlets as I continue a sermon series called "This Is The Gospel."  This week's theme is the ascension of Jesus. reading Songs for Sunday