Do You Have Any Life Goals?

Setting and pursuing goals is an important life skill to learn, but what kind of life goals should a Christian have? In 1 Thessalonians 4, the apostle Paul lists several goals that followers of Jesus Christ should be working toward throughout their lives. They are... 1. Be holy. The character of our lives should reflect … Continue reading Do You Have Any Life Goals?

What Church Members Should Say to Guests

From church consultant, author, and blogger Thom Rainer: In today's post I look at seven things church members should say to guests. 1. "Thank you for being here." It's just that basic. I have heard from numerous church guests who returned because they were simply told "thank you." 2. "Let me help you with that." … Continue reading What Church Members Should Say to Guests

The Church & Poverty

Recently, newspaper columnist E.J. Dionne, Jr. emceed a "poverty summit" that included President Obama as a panelist. Because of the president's involvement, the summit received significant news coverage; however, it seemed to devolve into the political food fight we've unfortunately become accustomed to rather than promote any real solution for how to address poverty in … Continue reading The Church & Poverty