Tonight I’m leading a discussion on Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s classic work Life Together.  The genius of this book is that forces us to think deeply about the meaning, function, and form of Christian community.  Here’s a brief outline of the book: Thesis: The church is formed by Christ to be the seed of the Kingdom of […]

Thinking Christians

I’ve recently had some wonderful conversations with people who are asking great and sincere questions about the Christian faith.  As a committed life-long learner, I think asking questions and searching things out is one of the best ways to learn anything; so I welcome the type of questions I’ve been getting from folks.  I also […]

Psalm 17

Psalm 17 is a personal lament by David at a time when he was in danger from his opponents. In David’s view, the suffering he’s enduring is undeserved and is an attack on his integrity as a follower of God. The psalm’s relevance to us lies in the fact that, today, many Christians feel that […]