Living Into Your Design

Why should we obey God? Why should we follow Jesus - his example and his teachings? These are important questions for anyone to address; and since various people approach these questions from various perspectives, it's important to consider the different ways these questions can be answered. One interesting approach is found in this excerpt from … Continue reading Living Into Your Design

The One about Katy Perry & Taylor Swift

So apparently there is a well-publicized, ongoing "feud" between pop singers Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, which has prompted both artists to write songs about each other that are negative, petty, and intentionally demeaning. I wasn't aware of this until I watched James Corden's Carpool Karaoke primetime special on TV the other night.  Katy Perry … Continue reading The One about Katy Perry & Taylor Swift

The Courage to Stand Up

Last Friday on our way back from Louisville, KY, where my daughter was competing in the National Archery Competition, my family stopped in St. Louis to attend a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.  Before the game, we toured downtown St. Louis, the Gateway Arch, and the Old Courthouse where Dred Scott filed his freedom suit … Continue reading The Courage to Stand Up

Life Lessons from Chick-fil-A

It's been reported that the average fast-food restaurant in America grosses $800,000 per year, and Sunday is the best day to own a fast-food operation.  More money by far is spent at fast-food restaurants on Sunday than on any other day.  Knowing this, nearly all fast-food places seek to maximize the potential of big profits … Continue reading Life Lessons from Chick-fil-A