Choosing Church

In an upcoming article for Comment Magazine, Marilyn McEntyre skillfully addresses those who are skeptical of church and gives them solid reasons to reconsider their view.  One of my favorite excerpts from the article is this one: God loves you with infinite, unconditional love, we learn in church, but to experience that love fully, you … Continue reading Choosing Church

5 Ways to “Remove the Roof”

You've heard of "raising the roof," but what about "removing the roof?" Yesterday, in my devotional reading of the Bible, I read the story of Jesus healing the paralytic in Mark 2:1-12.  The point of the story is, of course, the revelation of Jesus as God's Messiah who has the authority and the ability to … Continue reading 5 Ways to “Remove the Roof”

To Christians Who Drink

So, you're a Christian who believes it's not wrong, improper, or irresponsible to drink alcohol. OK. But I can ask you a favor? Please don't flaunt it. And here's why... Last Friday night I attended our congregation's Celebrate Recovery meeting, which includes a newcomer's class for those who haven't been before and want to learn … Continue reading To Christians Who Drink

I’ll Sit Here Till You Can

On Sundays at Alameda we have been talking about the Christian's role of being the faithful presence of Christ in the world.  As we are present with people, others ought to be able to get a glimpse of Christ's love, grace, mercy, joy, and hope through our presence. Today, I want to share with you … Continue reading I’ll Sit Here Till You Can