Five on Friday

Here are my 5 recommendations for this week's edition of "Five on Friday"... Blog Post Alameda's Connections Minister, Payton Minzenmayer, recently finished his first year of full-time ministry.  He has written an "open letter" to other young ministers that is well worth your time to read.  Even if you're not in ministry, this article will … Continue reading Five on Friday

4 Keystone Actions in Following Jesus

One of the most amazing disciple-makers for Jesus that I know is Todd Lollar.  Todd and his wife Marissa have dedicated their lives to teaching others about Jesus and teaching others to teach others about Jesus.  Todd has a remarkable story that you can read about here. Here is a recent blog post Todd wrote … Continue reading 4 Keystone Actions in Following Jesus

Doing Your Part

Last Monday I had the great honor of co-teaching a class at Oklahoma Christian University's annual Bible Lectures with Dr. Nathan Mellor of Strata Leadership, LLC.  Our topic was "How to Create a Healthy Church Culture," and it was such a joy to facilitate a discussion among church leaders about this important subject. The Bible … Continue reading Doing Your Part