10 Defining Characteristics of Missions

Yesterday, we at Alameda celebrated how God is using us to spread His Word through mission work at home and abroad.  By partnering with some amazing missionaries and health organizations, we are taking the grace and gospel of Christ to Bolivia, Uganda, Austria, Ecuador, and New Zealand.  We help support Great Cities Mission and tutor … Continue reading 10 Defining Characteristics of Missions

What Your Trepidation Might Be Telling You

Trepidation [trep-i-dey-shuhn] - tremulous fear, alarm, or agitation; synonyms: apprehension, dismay, nervousness, uneasiness Since late last year I have been working on a project that is really big.  Not only is it big, it is happening at a speed for which I was unprepared.  So many times, I have said to myself, "I can't believe … Continue reading What Your Trepidation Might Be Telling You