A Change of Mindset

The congregation for whom I preach recently launched a 5-year vision that is designed to position us to be more effective witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The most immediate piece of that plan is the renovation of our auditorium and the addition of another worship service time.  This move will "force" each of … Continue reading A Change of Mindset

The Leadership We Need

This important excerpt from Scott Sauls' book on leadership must be given serious consideration in our day and age.  Haven't we seen enough to understand the limits and failure of human-defined leadership?  We need a different standard.  We need a higher form of leadership - the kind of leadership exhibited by Christ.  Anything less is … Continue reading The Leadership We Need

Courageous Leadership

Over the last several months, the elders and ministers of the congregation I serve have been involved in some deep, soul-searching conversations about the future of our church family and the effectiveness of our work and witness for the Kingdom of God.  Those conversations led to the development of a 5-year vision that we rolled … Continue reading Courageous Leadership