5 on Friday

Here are 5 helpful articles I read this week... 8 Practices of Financially Stable People by Art Rainer 10 Reasons Every Christian Should Share the Message of Jesus by Rick Warren How to Handle the Cynics and Pessimists in Your Life by Carey Nieuwhof The Habits of the Mind by Ben Witherington America's Age of … Continue reading 5 on Friday

Never Quit on a Bad Day

Yesterday I was talking to a man who hiked the majority of the famous Appalachian Trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine.  I've always been fascinated with the prospect of hiking that trail, so I enjoyed hearing his stories.  As he was telling me about the difficulties he encountered on his journey, he said that … Continue reading Never Quit on a Bad Day

The Blog Is Back! (…and I’m talking about shoes)

Just before leading Israel to a stunning victory over the fortified city of Jericho, Joshua had an encounter with a strange visitor in Joshua 5:13-15.  The visit was part of a "war oracle" through which God tells Joshua the outcome of the battle before the battle is waged.  But for Joshua, the visit was a … Continue reading The Blog Is Back! (…and I’m talking about shoes)