Grand Opening

Yesterday, Alameda hosted a grand opening of our newly renovated auditorium for our community, friends, neighbors, and former members who came in for the occasion.  It was a great day! The construction of our facility was done by ScissorTail Roofing and Construction and these pictures of our new space were taken by Reed Ewing Photography... … Continue reading Grand Opening

How It All Started

Over the last year our congregation at Alameda has undertaken a strategic revitalization of our church's mission to our community.  After several years of plateau, we were in need of revitalization; and this was weighing heavily on me.  We were an active church with a big heart for people, known by our community as a … Continue reading How It All Started

Advancing the Runners

We're coming to the end of playoff season in Major League Baseball, and it's been another good one. So far, there's been one thing that has stood out to me above everything else, and it's something that we can all learn from - even if you're not a baseball fan.  So, hang with me and … Continue reading Advancing the Runners

“No, You’re an Idiot!”

The other day I was listening to a podcast that featured a group of Republicans and a group of Democrats discussing the recent confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Actually, it wasn't much of a discussion. Expecting to gain some insight into each side's views, I instead received a lesson on "post-truth politics" … Continue reading “No, You’re an Idiot!”