Racism is Heresy

Today, our country remembers and honors the inspirational and aspirational fight against racism waged by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  As part of that remembrance, I want to pass along some thoughts about the role of the church in the fight against racism written by New Testament scholar Dr. Richard Hays in his important book … Continue reading Racism is Heresy

Do You Know What You’re Reading?

As I've written on this blog before, I am concerned about the lack of discernment regarding the reading habits of Christians.  There are many who seem unable to recognize that the content of many books that are marketed as "Christian" are actually promoting humanism rather than pointing people to the all-sufficiency of Jesus Christ, as … Continue reading Do You Know What You’re Reading?

Are the Ten Commandments Still Relevant?

Do Christians today still have to follow the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament? That may seem like a ridiculous question to ask, but popular mega-church preacher and author Andy Stanley answers with an emphatic "no!"  And he is completely wrong. Over the years, I have learned some helpful things about leadership, organization, communication, and … Continue reading Are the Ten Commandments Still Relevant?