Recommended Books on Marriage

Over the last two months, our congregation has been hosting a free marriage seminar that has been a great source of encouragement and enlightenment to all who have attended. Each week in our seminar, we give away one of four books on marriage that we highly recommend to every engaged or married couple.  You might … Continue reading Recommended Books on Marriage

What You Can’t Blame the Church For

Popular blogger and preacher Carey Nieuwhof recently wrote a blog post that caught my attention because of its sheer honesty.  In it, Nieuwhof identifies a major problem in the church, which is the lack of responsibility that many Christians take for the condition of their own hearts, attitudes, and actions. Here's his post: There’s a … Continue reading What You Can’t Blame the Church For

Why “Just OK is Not OK” for the Christian

Chuck Lawless recently wrote this practical piece that should inspire us to make this week more than "just o.k."  __________________________________________ Maybe you’ve seen the AT&T commercials that point out why “just ok is not ok.” The point is that there are some situations where “just ok” is not sufficient. These commercials don’t speak about the … Continue reading Why “Just OK is Not OK” for the Christian