Lynn and Martha Russell

Yesterday afternoon, my beloved Uncle Lynn, my mother’s twin brother, passed away. He was a smart, kind, and humble man who lived a life of integrity that won him the respect of many. He selflessly served others and was devoted to his family – including me.

He encouraged me, took an interest in my work and family, and always gave me his support. We bonded over our love of sports, history, a good story, and a good laugh.

When my Dad died, Uncle Lynn stayed with my Mom for a little over a week and helped us take care of many of the “business” items that we had to sort through after Dad’s death. His presence and business acumen were a great source of comfort and help to us when we needed it most.

In the last three years I have lost three of the most influential men in my life – my Dad, my Uncle Bob, and, now, my Uncle Lynn. These losses have been hard, as those three men were the leaders of our extended family and the people that others in the family looked to for wisdom and help in times of difficulty.

I still can’t believe that they are all gone.

Those three losses are not the only losses (or types of losses) that I have endured in the last three years.

And I am weary.

But I am strong.

I am strong because of the strength I receive from Christ, as I faithfully follow him in good times and bad. But I am also strong because of the way that Dad, Uncle Bob, and Uncle Lynn mentored me, taught me, and set an example of strength and faith from which I could learn.

And I am grateful.

Grateful that I have had people like Uncle Lynn in my life.

Loss is hard.

There’s no way around that.

But the loss is blunted by the wonderful memories, the life lessons, and the love that I will always carry with me of those who have passed on.

Congratulations, Uncle Lynn, on a life well lived – and thank you!

4 thoughts on “Loss

  1. Surely the righteous will never be shaken; they will be remembered forever. Psalm 112:6. Found this verse recently. My husband, according to this, will be remembered forever as will your father and 2 uncles. Memories are an important part of life. They make us who we are which can be negative or positive. You are blessed to have positive memories to build you life around. The memories of my husband are so positive and help me move forward with my life have the foundation of the love we shared for 50 years. That is precious to me. Of course, I would love to still have him by my side but am thankful for the memories I have to cherish each day. Tears still flow regularly and freely but I just have to stop to have been married to such a spiritual giant to move to being thankful for the memories I now have. God wanted to give him a healed body and to have him by his side–how can I argue with that?


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