Christian Persecution

One of the books I am reading this summer is Ten Caesars: Roman Emperors from Augustus to Constantine by Barry Strauss, who is Professor of History and Classics at Cornell University. In his chapter on Nero, who ruled Rome from 54 to 68, Strauss provides the following summary of Nero's persecution of Christians (a long … Continue reading Christian Persecution

What Do You Need to Leave Behind?

Here's my homework assignment for you this week: (1) Take 15 minutes to watch the video that's posted here of a TEDx-Talk given by my good friend Dr. Nathan Mellor, then (2) take another 15 minutes to think through and identify something you need to leave behind in order to move forward in life.  In … Continue reading What Do You Need to Leave Behind?

I Want to Be Free – Or Do I?

Last week we celebrated Independence Day, and independence is something we want in our lives; but, are we truly made to be completely independent? The following post from Paul Tripp (posted last Wednesday) provides some insightful thoughts about independence that are worth contemplating.  At the end of his post, I have included a song from The … Continue reading I Want to Be Free – Or Do I?

The Lord is My Shepherd

Here's the first sermon in the series on Psalms that I am doing this summer, along with some devotional questions that are designed to help people see more clearly how God has and is shepherding them...   Devotional Guide Preparation Read Psalm 23. Read Psalm 23 again and pay attention to words and phrases … Continue reading The Lord is My Shepherd