What the Church Does

Here's an important article from John Whittaker... I was having a conversation about Matthew 28:19–20 and the mission of the church with two men who had Bible College degrees and a decade’s worth of ministry behind them. And like so many pastors today, they had misunderstood that well-known text. They thought the Great Commission was … Continue reading What the Church Does

4 Observations about Leaders

In my role as a leadership and performance development facilitator/trainer with Oklahoma Human Services, I have the opportunity to have regular conversations with leaders from all across the state. These leaders are smart, capable, passionate, conscientious; and they perform very important tasks with a high level of competency and character. But they are also tired. … Continue reading 4 Observations about Leaders

I Can’t Get This Quote Out of My Head!

I like to read the works of really old theologians, and the other day I was reading a selection from a Scottish author named George MacDonald (1824-1905). MacDonald definitely had a way with words, and these words have stuck with me ever since I read them: Instead of asking yourself whether you believe or not, … Continue reading I Can’t Get This Quote Out of My Head!

A Leadership Reality Check

No matter what political party you belong to, no matter what presidential candidate you voted for, and no matter what your political views are, the events of last week (the storming, breaching, and ransacking of the U.S. Capitol) were both sad and alarming. Since then, I have reflected on what happened through several different lenses, … Continue reading A Leadership Reality Check