What You Can’t Blame the Church For

Popular blogger and preacher Carey Nieuwhof recently wrote a blog post that caught my attention because of its sheer honesty.  In it, Nieuwhof identifies a major problem in the church, which is the lack of responsibility that many Christians take for the condition of their own hearts, attitudes, and actions. Here's his post: There’s a … Continue reading What You Can’t Blame the Church For

Sabbatical, Bonus: My Church Visit Experiences

I know, I know, I know...I need to finish out this series on my sabbatical before the end of the year! Sorry for the delay between posts but I promised you two bonus segments, so here's the first one that deals with my church visit experiences. First, let's reset the series. In November, I went on … Continue reading Sabbatical, Bonus: My Church Visit Experiences

The Goal of Preaching

In the latest edition of The Christian Chronicle, there is a great interview about preaching that every preacher should read (especially you younger preachers out there). The interview is with David Wilson, who is the Senior Minister for Kings Church of Christ in Brooklyn, NY.  Here's a portion of the interview: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ As a preacher, … Continue reading The Goal of Preaching

A Sober Warning to Christians

I found this article by Tim Challies to be an interesting and helpful read about Christians' relationship with today's world... When I was a kid, my family once watched a movie that included vivid scenes of persecution against the earliest Christians. I remember lying awake at night, terrified by these images of Christians burning in … Continue reading A Sober Warning to Christians

How to Filter Opinions

Leading change in any organization is difficult. It presents many challenges, obstacles, and complexities that have to be skillfully navigated. It also unearths a plethora of opinions from the people in the organization, including many that stand in opposition to the change that is being proposed. So, how do leaders make sense of all these … Continue reading How to Filter Opinions