Five on Friday

Here are my 5 recommendations for this week’s edition of “Five on Friday”… Blog Post Alameda’s Connections Minister, Payton Minzenmayer, recently finished his first year of full-time ministry.  He has written an “open letter” to other young ministers that is well worth your time to read.  Even if you’re not in ministry, this article will […]

5 Elements of a Godly Leader’s Prayers (Five on Friday)

This week’s “Five on Friday” continues my observations from Nehemiah 1 that I first wrote about on Wednesday. Here are 5 elements of a godly leader’s prayers… An Acknowledgement of the One, True God Nehemiah addresses his prayer to “God of heaven” in verse 5.  That phrase was frequently used in Nehemiah’s time by the […]

Five Ways the Church Can Be an Alternate Society (Five on Friday)

This week’s Five on Friday is inspired by a recent tweet from The Gospel Coalition that identified four ways that the church today should seek to be an alternate society within our culture, just as the New Testament church did in their time.  Those four characteristics (plus one that I added) are: Multi-ethnicity The church […]