Easter Continues

What a joy it was to celebrate Easter with my spiritual and physical families yesterday! But the joy of Easter continues... Because the hope of Easter gives me the courage and clarity I need in order to persevere in this fallen and broken world. As my friend Chris Altrock writes in his book, Newsworthy:Nine Ways … Continue reading Easter Continues

Christianity is Good for the World

This is an article written by Josh Howerton, whose bio appears at the end of this article. Let’s begin with a caveat. Nothing in the following paragraphs indicates that every church is healthy or that there aren’t issues for self-reflection and repentance. Far from it. Churches aren’t programs or buildings––they’re people. And people are messy, … Continue reading Christianity is Good for the World

How Did We Get Our Bible?

On Sunday mornings at Alameda, I am preaching a series that addresses frequently asked questions about the Bible. The most recent sermon considered the question, "How did we get our Bible?" Due to the time constraints of one sermon, I was only able to give a simplified sketch of how we got the Bible; so, … Continue reading How Did We Get Our Bible?

Who Can You Encourage This Week?

My daughter in college recently tested positive for COVID and has been quarantining at home with us, which means that my wife and I have also been quarantining at home. So, I wasn't able to preach live at Alameda on Sunday. It was too late in the week to find someone else to preach for … Continue reading Who Can You Encourage This Week?

Goodbye To The Big Guy

Yesterday I got the news that a good friend of mine, whom I affectionately called "The Big Guy," passed away. David Beegle was the Executive Director of The Resource Center at Impact Church of Christ in Houston. He was also an instrumental figure in Impact's recovery ministry. But that's not what David did for a … Continue reading Goodbye To The Big Guy