Why “Just OK is Not OK” for the Christian

Chuck Lawless recently wrote this practical piece that should inspire us to make this week more than "just o.k."  __________________________________________ Maybe you’ve seen the AT&T commercials that point out why “just ok is not ok.” The point is that there are some situations where “just ok” is not sufficient. These commercials don’t speak about the … Continue reading Why “Just OK is Not OK” for the Christian

11 More Characteristics of Church Pessimists

On Monday I wrote about the great opportunity we Christians have to be "salt and light" to the world around us simply by being positive.  Unfortunately, our churches consist of many members who remain pessimists.  Chuck Lawless has listed several characteristics of church pessimists on his blog.  I shared his first list on Monday, and … Continue reading 11 More Characteristics of Church Pessimists

11 Characteristics of Church Pessimists

Yesterday I preached in this shirt... I wanted to send a visible message to our congregation that one of the ways we Christians can stand out in today's world of increasing negativity is to be a source of positivity.  And who has more reason to "stay positive" than the redeemed children of God whose Savior … Continue reading 11 Characteristics of Church Pessimists