Can People Trust You?

Over the next two days, I will have the great privilege of facilitating a leadership development workshop for 60 leaders from across the state of Oklahoma. And I will ask them a very important question - the same question that I will ask you at the end of this post. First, let's talk about trust. … Continue reading Can People Trust You?

A Leadership Reality Check

No matter what political party you belong to, no matter what presidential candidate you voted for, and no matter what your political views are, the events of last week (the storming, breaching, and ransacking of the U.S. Capitol) were both sad and alarming. Since then, I have reflected on what happened through several different lenses, … Continue reading A Leadership Reality Check

The Joy of Helping Others Succeed

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go back to a place where I previously worked and preach for a congregation that I truly love. It was a sweet reunion with some dear friends, including this guy... The guy in the picture with me is Michael Montalvo, who succeeded me as the Community … Continue reading The Joy of Helping Others Succeed

The Leadership We Need

This important excerpt from Scott Sauls' book on leadership must be given serious consideration in our day and age.  Haven't we seen enough to understand the limits and failure of human-defined leadership?  We need a different standard.  We need a higher form of leadership - the kind of leadership exhibited by Christ.  Anything less is … Continue reading The Leadership We Need

Courageous Leadership

Over the last several months, the elders and ministers of the congregation I serve have been involved in some deep, soul-searching conversations about the future of our church family and the effectiveness of our work and witness for the Kingdom of God.  Those conversations led to the development of a 5-year vision that we rolled … Continue reading Courageous Leadership

My Leadership Song

At last year's Global Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels talked about the power a song can have to guide a leader through certain seasons of leadership.  A well-chosen song can motivate, inspire, encourage, comfort and console a leader, as well as keep that leader rooted in what matters most.  The following is my "leadership song," and … Continue reading My Leadership Song