What Do You Need to Leave Behind?

Here's my homework assignment for you this week: (1) Take 15 minutes to watch the video that's posted here of a TEDx-Talk given by my good friend Dr. Nathan Mellor, then (2) take another 15 minutes to think through and identify something you need to leave behind in order to move forward in life.  In … Continue reading What Do You Need to Leave Behind?

Doing Your Part

Last Monday I had the great honor of co-teaching a class at Oklahoma Christian University's annual Bible Lectures with Dr. Nathan Mellor of Strata Leadership, LLC.  Our topic was "How to Create a Healthy Church Culture," and it was such a joy to facilitate a discussion among church leaders about this important subject. The Bible … Continue reading Doing Your Part

Engaging Faith in a Post-Truth Culture

In a few weeks I will be attending the OC Bible Lectures.  I will also be facilitating a conversation with Dr. Nathan Mellor and other church leaders on creating a healthy church culture.  I invite you to come join us on the campus of Oklahoma Christian University October 1-3 for a time of reflection, conversation, … Continue reading Engaging Faith in a Post-Truth Culture