Last night I attended the J.J. Millican Ethics Symposium at my alma mater, Oklahoma Christian University.  This year's speaker was Hannibal B. Johnson, who is an accomplished lawyer, writer, leader, and speaker.  He is also widely recognized as the premiere expert on the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, and this was the topic of his … Continue reading Massacre!

Moving Forward

This past weekend at Alameda Church of Christ was our annual Ray Evans Seminar with guest speaker Dr. Charles Rix, who is the Dean of the College of Biblical Studies at Oklahoma Christian University.  The theme was "The Old Testament Roots of Our Faith," and as Dr. Rix connected the dots between the Old and … Continue reading Moving Forward

An Inside Look at Preaching

Tomorrow I will be a guest speaker in a homiletics class at Oklahoma Christian University.  The professor emailed some questions he would like for me to address, and I thought I would write out my answers here on my blog as a way of helping me prepare for the class with the bonus of also … Continue reading An Inside Look at Preaching

Doing Your Part

Last Monday I had the great honor of co-teaching a class at Oklahoma Christian University's annual Bible Lectures with Dr. Nathan Mellor of Strata Leadership, LLC.  Our topic was "How to Create a Healthy Church Culture," and it was such a joy to facilitate a discussion among church leaders about this important subject. The Bible … Continue reading Doing Your Part

Engaging Faith in a Post-Truth Culture

In a few weeks I will be attending the OC Bible Lectures.  I will also be facilitating a conversation with Dr. Nathan Mellor and other church leaders on creating a healthy church culture.  I invite you to come join us on the campus of Oklahoma Christian University October 1-3 for a time of reflection, conversation, … Continue reading Engaging Faith in a Post-Truth Culture

The Bible – We Want Everyone to Get It

One of the most formative experiences of my life was having the opportunity to study and travel in Europe for an entire semester while in college through a studies-abroad program at Oklahoma Christian University. Our "home base" during that time was Vienna, Austria, and that's where I became acquainted with Eastern European Mission (EEM). EEM … Continue reading The Bible – We Want Everyone to Get It

The Issue Beneath the Issue

On Monday my alma mater, Oklahoma Christian University, hosted author and speaker Jen Hatmaker for an event on campus.  Several months ago, the evangelical Hatmaker made news when she described homosexual relationships as "holy" in an interview, then doubled-down on that remark by revealing how her and her pastor-husband came to that conclusion.   Her … Continue reading The Issue Beneath the Issue