Songs for Sunday

Here are four songs from The Zoe Group that go along with the theme of my sermon on Sunday.  Please join me online at or on any of Alameda's social media outlets for a hope-filled message about how to deal with "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days."   … Continue reading Songs for Sunday

Who You Say I Am

Yesterday, was such an exciting day at Alameda as we welcomed guest worship leader Shane Coffman from the Memorial Drive Church of Christ in Tulsa.  In addition to leading singing in our worship service, Shane taught our congregation some "new" songs during our Bible class time. One of those songs was "Who You Say I … Continue reading Who You Say I Am

I Want to Be Free – Or Do I?

Last week we celebrated Independence Day, and independence is something we want in our lives; but, are we truly made to be completely independent? The following post from Paul Tripp (posted last Wednesday) provides some insightful thoughts about independence that are worth contemplating.  At the end of his post, I have included a song from The … Continue reading I Want to Be Free – Or Do I?