How the Crucifixion & Resurrection Display The Wisdom of Jesus

As we make our way to Easter Sunday this week, I share the following section of Tim Keller's new book on the resurrection of Jesus... Jesus' death and resurrection not only brings in salvation but also constitutes the ultimate refutation of the world's wisdom. Let's do a thought experiment. Assemble some business and political consultants … Continue reading How the Crucifixion & Resurrection Display The Wisdom of Jesus

Recommended Books on Marriage

Over the last two months, our congregation has been hosting a free marriage seminar that has been a great source of encouragement and enlightenment to all who have attended. Each week in our seminar, we give away one of four books on marriage that we highly recommend to every engaged or married couple.  You might … Continue reading Recommended Books on Marriage

Resources for “The 4 Big Questions of Life”

Today, I started a "spin-off" series of our journey through the Gospel According to Luke called "The 4 Big Questions of Life." There are some questions that are so important, so profound, and so big that every person asks them and every person yearns for them to be answered. Philosophers say that there are four … Continue reading Resources for “The 4 Big Questions of Life”

3 Ways to Pass On Faith to the Next Generation

Two Sundays ago I challenged my congregation to invest in the younger generations of our church family for two simple reasons: (1) Scripture presents the "passing on" of faith as a responsibility of the entire church, not just the parents, and (2) we cannot be a church who is actively making Jesus known to others, … Continue reading 3 Ways to Pass On Faith to the Next Generation

Why Does Anyone Become a Christian?

I found this article by Tim Keller to be very interesting... Many say that Christians who maintain the historic, traditional doctrines are behind the times, are too exclusive, and are “on the wrong side of history.” Two recent books that cast doubt on this view are from historian and biblical scholar Larry Hurtado, Destroyer of the … Continue reading Why Does Anyone Become a Christian?

Living Into Your Design

Why should we obey God? Why should we follow Jesus - his example and his teachings? These are important questions for anyone to address; and since various people approach these questions from various perspectives, it's important to consider the different ways these questions can be answered. One interesting approach is found in this excerpt from … Continue reading Living Into Your Design

Is Christianity an Enemy of Freedom?

What makes a person free? What is the intellectual basis for claiming that an individual should be free? What is freedom anyway? According to authors like Terry Eagleton and Charles Taylor, our postmodern world no longer bases an individual's freedom on the fact that we are God's creation, nor because of our rationality and free … Continue reading Is Christianity an Enemy of Freedom?

Five on Friday

This week's "Five on Friday" are five resources I came across during my week off from blogging.  I hope you enjoy... On the Existence of Extra-Terrestrial Life In this blog post Ron Highfield, Professor of Religion at Pepperdine University, asks the following question: Should believers worry that extra-terrestrial life really exists? Since many people online … Continue reading Five on Friday