Tonight I’m leading a discussion on Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s classic work Life Together.  The genius of this book is that forces us to think deeply about the meaning, function, and form of Christian community.  Here’s a brief outline of the book:


Thesis: The church is formed by Christ to be the seed of the Kingdom of God in all the world.

Chapter 1: Community

Theme: The Christian community is a Divine reality built and sustained by the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Chapter 2: The Day with Others

Theme: Hymns, prayers, and fellowship are daily activities that unite the Christian community under the Word of God.

Chapter 3: The Day Alone

Theme: The Christian spends time alone for meditation, prayer, and intercession, so that they are strengthened for the benefit of the community.

Chapter 4: Ministry

Theme: Justification by faith leads the Christian community to actively serve others through meekness, listening, helping, bearing, and proclaiming.

Chapter 5: Confession and Community

Theme: Confessing our sins to each other and partaking of Communion with each other binds the Christian community together.


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