Amplify: A Prayer

You are the God who forgives our missteps and misdeeds.

You are the God who delivers us from despair.

You are the God who heals our broken hearts.

You are the God who comforts our wounded souls.

You are the God who calls us to be more.

You are the God who absolves us of our sin.

You are the God who offers hope in the midst of hopelessness, peace in the midst of chaos, joy in the midst of pain, and love in the midst of hate.

You are the God our world needs.

And yet so many turn away from you.

You are what their hearts yearn for, yet they refuse to acknowledge you.

And they are lost.

But this is not what you desire, for you are a God whose love for his creation cannot be lost.

And so you never stop seeking the lost so that they can be found in you.

Oh Lord, give me your heart for the lost around me.

Give me your love for every person who is made in your image.

Give me your passion for those who have yet to come to Christ.

May I have the courage to tell others about Christ.

Use me to amplify your voice, to tell the story of what you have done for every man, woman, and child through Christ.

Forgive me for the times when I haven’t cared enough to share the “good news” of Jesus with those who need him most.

For I, too, was once lost.

But now I am found.

And I want others to know that they can find what they are ultimately looking for in Jesus Christ.

So they can be found.

So they can saved.

So they can live in your presence.

And so you will be glorified, O God.


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