What The Best Do Better Than Everyone Else

I recently read Jon Gordon’s book Training Camp and I am now having my teenage daughter read it.  It’s a great book that examines the traits and habits of people who strive to be their best each and every day.  The book is written in an entertaining style, and the principles are embedded in the context of a story; so it’s not your typical self-help or leadership book.

According to Gordon, these are the eleven traits of the “best of the best”:

  1. The Best know what they truly want.
  2. The Best want it more.
  3. The Best are always striving to get better.
  4. The Best do ordinary things better than everyone else.
  5. The Best zoom-focus.
  6. The Best are mentally stronger.
  7. The Best overcome their fear.
  8. The Best seize the moment.
  9. The Best tap into a greater power than themselves.
  10. The Best leave a legacy.
  11. The Best make everyone around them better.

I highly recommend the book if you are interested in improving in any area of your life.

On Wednesday, I will share one of my favorite parts of the book called “The Myth.”

Thanks for reading!

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