Maxwell on Monday

Last week I attended the Global Leadership Summit, which is the premiere leadership conference available today.  I have been participating in this conference for several years and have always been blessed by what the Summit faculty presents each year.  On Wednesday, I will share some of the highlights from this year’s conference; but today I want to share with you some ideas passed on by John Maxwell whose presentation was entitled, “The One Thing to Get Right.”

Random Points & Quotes:

  • “Leaders lift.  No matter where they go or where they are, leaders lift the other people around them.”
  • “Three questions every follower asks of leaders: (1) ‘Do you like me?’; (2) ‘Can you help me?’; (3) ‘Can I trust you?'”
  • “Everything of value is uphill.”
  • “The problem is that everyone has uphill hopes but downhill habits.”
  • “Selfishness and significance are incompatible.”
  • “Most people don’t lead their lives, they accept their lives.”
  • “The one thing leaders must get right is this: intentionally add value to people every day.”

Five Things to Help You Add Value to People Everyday:

  1. Value people.
  2. Think of ways to add value to people.
  3. Look for ways to add value to people.
  4. Add value to people.
  5. Encourage others to add value to people.

John’s latest book fleshes out this theme of adding value to others and of living intentionally.

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