Sunday’s Sermon Outline

Here’s the sermon outline from Sunday for those who didn’t get a chance to fill in all the blanks:)

The Transforming Nature of the Gospel (from Galatians 1:11-2:10)

  1. The gospel is a revelation from God and of God.
  2. The gospel is the new thing God is doing that fulfills the old covenant.
  3. The gospel creates a new family.
  4. The gospel has a King and a Kingdom.
  5. The gospel is about freedom.
  6. The gospel is a calling.
  7. The gospel is a new way of being.

These characteristics of the gospel transform how we view truth, the work God is doing in the world, those who are different from us, politics, freedom, mission, and our “way of being” in this world.

To listen to or to view this sermon, or any of our sermons at Alameda Church of Christ, click here and click “Launch Media Player.”

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