Grace is…

“Grace is more than being lucky to be on God’s side.  Grace is God’s goodness showered on people who have failed.  Grace is God’s love on those who think they are unloveable.  Grace is God knowing what we are designed to be.  Grace is God believing in us when we have given up.  Grace is someone at the end of their rope finding new strength.  But there’s more to grace.

Grace is both a place and a power.  Grace is God unleashing his transforming power.  Grace realigns and reroutes a life and a community.  Grace is when you turn your worst enemy into your best friend.  Grace takes people as they are and makes them what they can be.  Grace ennobles; grace empowers.  Grace forgives; grace frees.  Grace transcends, and grace transforms.”

– Scot McKnight, A Fellowship of Differents


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