One Thing We Know For Sure about God

Today’s entry in Bread for the Journey, a daily devotional book by Henri Nouwen, is entitled “Restored to Eternal Life”…

One thing we know for sure about our God: Our God is a God of the living, not of the dead.  God is life.  God is love.  God is beauty.  God is goodness.  God is truth.  God doesn’t want us to die.  God wants us to live.  Our God, who loves us from eternity to eternity, wants to give us life for eternity.

When that life was interrupted by our unwillingness to give our full yes to God’s love, God sent Jesus to be with us and to say that great yes in our name and thus restore us to eternal life.  So let’s not be afraid of death.  There is no cruel boss, vengeful enemy, or cruel tyrant waiting to destroy us – only a loving, always forgiving God, eager to welcome us home.

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