Holy Week Prayer #1

Dear Lord,

Like Isaiah, I am a man of unclean lips.

Like Paul, I sometimes feel like the chief of sinners.

Like Peter, I know the guilt and shame of betraying Jesus.

So, like David, I often find myself calling out to you, begging for your mercy, appealing to your unfailing love and great compassion, to blot out my transgressions.

My transgressions.

My transgressions.

Oh Lord, my transgressions are many.

Transgressions of pride and ego, of greed and gluttony, of hate and anger, of selfishness and self-centeredness, of gossip and lying, of idolatry.

Transgressions of impure thoughts, impure motives, impure attitudes, and impure actions.

And yet…

For those transgressions, Jesus was pierced.

For my iniquities, Jesus was crushed.

For my sin, Jesus was crucified.

Crucified to take up my pain.

Crucified to bear my suffering.

Crucified to absorb my punishment…so that I might have peace with you.

By his wounds, I am healed.

Thank you, Lord, for the cross of Jesus Christ.


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