In Mona’s Words

Yesterday, one of our church family’s most respected and well-loved spiritual heroes died.  He leaves behind a legacy that is as big as his booming voice and he will be greatly missed.

As I have been reflecting on Bill’s life, I decided to read through a book of poems that his wife Mona wrote and gave to me several years ago.  These two poems seem especially poignant on this day…

The Love of My Life

For all the time that I have known you,

You have been my love,

You’ve been the answer to my prayers

To our dear God above.


I knew when I first saw your face,

I loved you with my heart and soul,

Beside you I did take my place,

You are the half that made me whole.


So, side by side we’ve passed the years,

And hand in hand we’ve made our way.

With lots of joy and a few tears,

Together we shall always stay.


I’ll love you till the day I die,

Know in your heart when we shall part,

I’ll love you when we meet again,

For you will always have my heart.



Nine months passed,

It was the season to be born,

To live, to grow, and learn.


Childhood passed,

All too soon, youth’s days had flown,

The play, the laughter, things I’d known.


In life’s next season, I’d be a wife,

Till death would part, I’d give my heart.

Believing love’s for all time and eternal.


The seasons cycled once again,

My family grew, three daughters born

To love awhile, and then be gone.


A season of the empty nest,

Grief’s tears, an aching all my own,

For all their love, but they had flown.


More seasons came, so full of joy,

Grandchildren born, some girls, some boys,

They’d carry on in seasons of their own.


A season came, a cycle was complete,

Death came, and laid a loved one at my feet,

To mourn, yet know the cycles would move on.


The seasons end on that great morn,

No tears, no sadness, life is gone,

Yet, resurrected, I’m reborn.

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