The Reason Behind the Resurrection

Please take 8 minutes to watch this excellent video about the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ and think about this…

  1. The Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus is based on evidence, reason, and logic.  It is not something that we simply wish to be true.
  2. The Christian faith is a thinking faith not a “blind” faith.
  3. The preponderance of evidence is in favor of the resurrection of Jesus as historical fact.
  4. If it is a fact, that’s a game changer.

Published by: rustytugman

I am a husband, father, and preacher. I have the great privilege of serving a wonderful church family at the Alameda Church of Christ in Norman, OK. I have graduate degrees in ministry and administrative leadership and I also run the occasional marathon. This blog provides a platform to share some thoughts about Scripture, church, ministry, leadership, current events, books I'm reading, and baseball. Thanks for joining me!

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