A “Wordless” Prayer

Dear God,

There are moments in this life that take my breath away in awe,

but there are also times when my breath is taken away because life has hit me so hard that it knocks the breath right out of me.

This is one of those times, Lord.

Not only has the breath been knocked out of me, so have my words.

Because, Lord, sometimes the pain is so great that I just don’t have the words to describe it, explain it, express it, or categorize it.

This is one of those times, Lord.

So instead of speaking, I will sit here in silence.

But as I sit in your presence, Lord, will you please make your presence known to me?

For I need to feel your arms around me.

I need to know that you are there, even in the midst of pain.

I need your grace.

I need your mercy.

I need your strength.

I need to know that you love me.

I need to know that you still bring light to the darkness.

I need to be reassured that you still calm storms.

I need to be reminded that you are greater than my circumstances.

I need you, Lord.

I just don’t know how to say it right now.

So, I’ll just sit.

And while I sit, Lord, please come to me through your Spirit and listen to my heart.


Published by: rustytugman

I am a husband, father, and preacher. I have the great privilege of serving a wonderful church family at the Alameda Church of Christ in Norman, OK. I have graduate degrees in ministry and administrative leadership and I also run the occasional marathon. This blog provides a platform to share some thoughts about Scripture, church, ministry, leadership, current events, books I'm reading, and baseball. Thanks for joining me!

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