The Missing Piece

The other day my wife was at the house of some our friends when they were working on a puzzle.  One of them had been looking for a certain puzzle piece for awhile and said to my wife, “If you find this piece, I’ll be your best friend.”

In less than 30 seconds, my wife found the piece.

But isn’t that how it works sometimes?

Sometimes we’re so close to a situation that we just can’t see the bigger picture.  And sometimes we’re so focused on the wrong thing that we can’t find the one thing we really want to find.  Or we’ve been staring at the same puzzle for so long the pieces all look the same.

But someone with a different perspective can see things clearly and help us out.

And we should let them.

Not so long ago, I felt stuck in both my job and life.  It was nothing severe, but I knew I needed a “push” from someone who could see things from a different perspective.

So I called a friend for help.

Psalm 19:20 says, “Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.”

If you’re in a situation, facing a circumstance, or staring at a puzzle in your life and you just can’t see how the pieces fit together…it might be time to call a friend.


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