Are You Really a Fan?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love baseball.

So, I’ve been watching the World Series even though my team’s not in it this year; which is why I’m really surprised when fans of the teams that are playing don’t watch.

The other day I came across a man who was wearing a Houston Astros hat, so I said something to him about the latest game in the Series.  He said he didn’t see it.  Then he said he really hadn’t been watching.  I said, “Well, you’ll want to watch the next game since Verlander is pitching.”  And he said, “Oh, is it his turn?  He’s good.”


How can you identify yourself as a fan but not follow the team?

Since this man was wearing an Astros hat, proclaiming himself to be an Astros fan, I assumed that he knew certain information about the team and did the basic things a fan does.

But no.

So, is he really a fan?

In John 14:15 Jesus said to his disciples, “If you love me, keep my commands.”

In Matthew 7:20-21, when asked about the difference between true and false prophets, Jesus said, “Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.  Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

And in John 13:35 Jesus said, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

It’s not enough to say you love Jesus and it’s not enough to proclaim yourself to be a Christian.

Just as I could tell that the man in the Astros hat wasn’t a true fan, people can tell whether or not you’re a true follower of Christ.

One thought on “Are You Really a Fan?

  1. Good thoughts. In fact, great thoughts, perhaps even outstanding thoughts!
    Years ago I heard someone share 3 texts from John re: “they’ll know you’re my disciples if…” and I think you hit 2 of them:

    John 8, if you hold to my teaching…
    John 12, if you have love for one another…
    John 15, if you bear fruit…

    Those are not exact words and might not even be correct chapters, but I still like the point that IF I’m claiming to be a disciple, then my life will reflect 3 disciplines, if you will –
    1. I’m in The Word (hold to my teaching)
    2. I’m loving (Love God, love people)
    3. I’m fruitful, whether displaying fruits of the Spirit or making disciples, how bout both!

    Thanks for inspiring my thoughts, needed it, and for listening.
    Keep up the great work at home and at Alameda!

    Sid Walker

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