Walking Henry

Sometimes on this blog I post thoughts that go through my mind when I am walking my dog Henry around the neighborhood.

Before I share what I was thinking about, here’s Henry…


Isn’t he cute?!

So, last evening I’m walking Henry through a park in our neighborhood where the back fences of the houses are very close to the walking trail.  One of the back fences has a partial hole in it that a medium-sized dog likes to stick his face through and bark at all those who dare to encroach upon his territory.

And that’s exactly where Henry caught hold of a smell on the ground that he had to investigate.

I was thinking that his investigation would not last long because he would get distracted by the barking dog and go investigate him – which would not have been good.

But to my surprise, Henry stayed locked in on that smell.  So much so that he didn’t even glance at the dog that was just a few feet away.

I was impressed.

I was also encouraged.

Because Henry had given me a reminder to carry with me into Monday.

And the reminder is this: today, stay focused on what’s most important.  Don’t get so distracted by the noise around you or by all the little things that are barking for your attention that you lose sight of what gives you the greatest fulfillment.

Stay locked in and keep grinding away.

And if you have any confusion about what’s most important, start here:

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” (Matthew 6:33, NLT).

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