You Are Contagious!

So, what first came to your mind when you read this post’s headline?

You probably thought of a time when you or someone else was sick and spread a cold or the flu to other people – because you were contagious.

But being contagious also works in a positive sense.

Just as you can spread an illness, you can also spread a positive attitude, a can-do spirit, and a willingness to serve others.

Author Jon Gordon says it like this:


Jesus Christ put it like this:


Now that you know you’re contagious, what will you spread today?

Will you be a conduit of positivity or negativity?

Will you be an encourager or a complainer?

Will you be a team player or a solo act?

Will you be a problem-solver or a problem-creator?

You have a choice.

So choose wisely.


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