A Workday Startup Prayer

Leadership and productivity expert Michael Hyatt recommends having a workday startup ritual – a set of routines that tell your mind and body that it is time to work.  The ritual doesn’t have to be long or complicated; it’s just something that helps you get into the flow of your workday.

Some rituals include checking the morning paper or browsing certain websites to get a glimpse of the news of the day; checking email; grabbing a fresh cup of coffee before sitting down at a desk; organizing one’s desk for the day; or reviewing a to-do list.

My workday startup ritual includes a short prayer that is designed to focus on the bigger picture of work and how work fits into the purposes of God.  The prayer is built on three foundational truths:

  1. That work is a gift from God that adds meaning to my life.  Work is not the ultimate source of meaning in my life or of my identity, but it is one of several things God has given me through which I can add and find significance.
  2. That work is a platform for worship and ministry.  How I approach my work and do my job can bring glory and honor to God.  This perspective opens my eyes to the opportunity I have to make Jesus known to others at work and through my work.
  3. My attitude towards work can give others a glimpse into the joy of the Lord.  Every day at work I can choose to be positive and I can choose to be a source of blessing to my co-workers.  This is a spiritual discipline that creates space for God’s Spirit to move through me.

With those things in mind, here’s my Workday Startup Prayer…


Thank you for the ability and opportunity to work.  Through your Spirit, help me to see my work as a ministry and to do my work in a way that brings you glory and honor.  Open my eyes to the opportunities to make Jesus known to others at work and through my work.  Help me to be positive and productive today.  May I be a problem-solver and a source of joy and blessing to the people around me.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

What would your workday startup prayer say?

One thought on “A Workday Startup Prayer

  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! I was searching workday startup rituals, and I’m so glad I stumbled onto this. Thanks for sharing it!

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