Masks (A Prayer)


Today is a day of masks.

Funny masks, scary masks, superhero masks, celebrity masks, political masks.


On Halloween we dress up as other people, other professions, and other characters.

Pretending to be someone else – someone we’re not, someone we maybe wish we were.

If only it were just for this day.

Too often we walk around in masks of a different kind but still pretending.

Pretending we’re not in pain.

Pretending we’re not scared.

Pretending we’re not barely hanging on.

Pretending we have more money than we do.

Pretending we have more status than we do.

Pretending we have more security than we do.

Pretending we don’t need you, Lord.

But the masks we wear are heavy.

And the truth is that we’re tired of wearing them.

So, Lord, we come to you in a moment of rare authenticity and humility.

We ask that you help us put away our masks for good.

Give us the courage and strength to see us how you see us.

For you see through our masks.

You know who we really are.

Yet, you love us anyway.

You see us as people of worth, value, and beauty.

So, why the mask?

Why are we hiding ourselves from you?

Why are we afraid of you?

Why are we reluctant to be ourselves?

It’s because we are looking for validation in other places than you.

Forgive us, Lord.

In this moment, we take off our masks.

To be seen by you.

To worship you.

To love you.

To serve you.

Today is a day of masks.

Tomorrow – and from now on – is a day of being real.

The real me serving the real You.

You are El Roi – “the God who sees me.”

And I see You.


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