Sometimes You Need to Go Bowling

The other night our family found ourselves in possession of something very rare for us – a free night with nothing on the schedule!

So what do you do when you don’t have homework to do, activities to attend, or appointments to keep?

You go bowling, of course.

It’s not that we are regular bowlers – we’re not; it’s just that we felt the need to do something active that would help us connect and make a good family memory. So, we chose to go bowling.

And we had a blast!

We laughed, cheered, high-fived each other, and joked around. It was exactly what we needed.

And maybe you need it too.

No, not bowling.

Human connection.

In all of our busy-ness, it is possible for us to go weeks – maybe months – without having a meaningful human connection with the people we love the most. And that’s not good.

Instead of letting our schedules run our lives, we must be intentional about making the time to have lunch with a good friend, to have a coffee date with our spouse, and to make a memory with our family.

Sometimes you need to go bowling.

So, make it your goal this week to do something – big or small – that will create space for a sincere human connection to take place that will give you a memory to cherish.

I know you’re busy, but you can do it.

Make it happen – and have fun!


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