An Error at Third

Yesterday, I attended the last regular season game of the Oklahoma City Dodgers (the Triple-A minor league affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers) with some people from my church family.

The Dodgers didn’t play well and they lost the game.

On one play, a ball was hit to the Dodgers’ third baseman who booted the ball right off his glove.  It should have been an easy play, but he made an error.


Usually when that happens you hear quite a few boos from the hometown fans, but in this particular event I heard something very different.

In the next section over from where I was sitting, a group of middle-school-aged girls stood up and delivered the following cheer:

“That’s alright…That’s o.k….We still love you anyway.”

The Dodgers might have lost the game, but grace won that day!

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