A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Yesterday, as part of our worship, two prayers were read/offered that were written by two Alameda members.  I want to share those prayers with you (one today and one on Wednesday) in the hope that they will bless you the way they blessed our church family.  The following was written by Freeda Richardson and is based on 2 Samuel 22:1-4


Oh LORD, our rock and refuge, our fortress and our deliverer,

we proclaim you as all giving, all grace, and all glory.

Create in us thankful hearts this season and always as we praise you 

for your mercies that endure for all generations and are new every morning.

We call upon you, our LORD,

to help us to choose right paths to walk in your light,

to see through the darkness your beacon of love and protection shining brightly.

May we be, Oh Lord, instruments of your peace and unity, 

forgiving and patient, as we receive your forgiveness and patience.

Help us love and serve more fully those around us with thankfulness

for community in your kingdom and beyond for all your children.

Oh LORD, alone worthy of our praise, 

you are our salvation and stronghold.

When we call upon you LORD, you hear us and guide us. 

You replace each fear from enemies and the evil one

with your light of joy in each new day of refuge and rest 

found only in you, Oh LORD.


In your Holy name we pray,




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