A Prayer of Thanksgiving

This past Sunday, as part of our worship, two prayers were read/offered that were written by two Alameda members.  I shared one of those prayers with you on Monday and I am sharing the second one with you today in the hope that they will bless you the way they blessed our church family.  The following was written by Colleen Bennet and is based on Psalm 3


Dear Heavenly Father,

You are God of gods and Lord of lords; the great God, mighty and awesome!

You are the Shield and Defender of my soul.

You know when I sit down and when I rise.

You go before me to clear my path and also behind me as my rear guard.

With you before and behind, what can Satan do; what can I fear?

You bless me with a breastplate of righteousness, a helmet of salvation,

a belt of truth and a shield of faith so that I can stand in victory against

the evil one; not by my own strength, but by Your almighty power.

You uphold me with your righteous right hand.

You are my God.

Whether I face illness, pride, hatefulness, sadness, depression or any other

weapon that the enemy may hurl at me,

You Father are my Shield and Defender.

How can I say anything but “Thank You”?

How can I live any way except to live in thankfulness to you?

May your praise be ever in my heart and on my lips.

In the blessed name of Your Son and my Savior Jesus, you allow me to come

to your throne and offer this prayer of thanksgiving.



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