The Day After


It’s the day after Christmas, so what do we do now?

We could play with our new toys and new tech.

We could try on our new clothes.

We could go out and put those gift cards to use.

We could eat some leftovers.


We could use the momentum of the season to inspire us to tell others the story that Christmas celebrates.

We could start praying today about how we can make Jesus known to others.

We could start asking God today to reveal to us one person in our lives with whom we could share the story of Jesus.

We could commit ourselves today to having the kind of character that shines forth the light of Christ to the people we’re around when we go back to work.

We could be so grateful that the Christmas story is not just for one season in our lives but for every season of our lives that we will live it out every day of the year.

We could do what this song says…

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