Cancelled (A Prayer)

Dear Lord,

Today feels different.

Today feels “wrong.”

Today feels weird.

Today feels as if fear is winning over faith.

For today, Lord, our usual worship services have been cancelled.

And today, Lord, houses of worship sit empty.



Surely, Satan is grinning from ear to ear as those two words are applied to the church belonging to Jesus Christ.

Surely, Satan thinks that he is “#winning.”

And he would be right if it weren’t for one thing…

This building is not the only thing empty today – so is Jesus’ grave.

Because of that, we have hope in these uncertain days.

Hope that we need.

Hope that steadies us in anxious times.

Hope that gives us courage

Hope that inspires our souls with this truth…

While the church building might be empty,

the church is not empty of your love.

We are not empty of your peace.

We are not empty of your joy.

We are not empty of your healing.

We are not empty of your salvation.

We are not empty of your promises.

And while the traditional worship service might be cancelled,

the church’s mission is not.

We will continue to spread your love.

We will continue to rest in your peace.

We will continue to show your joy.

We will continue to speak of your healing and salvation.

We will continue to find our hope in your promises.

Because of Jesus, our lives are full – not empty.

Because of Jesus, we have a mission that is never cancelled.



Jesus takes those words and gives them new meaning,

because he has cancelled the debt of our sin

and redeemed us from sin’s empty way of life.



Praise God!




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