He is With Us in Our Pain


As we all seek to live through “the age of the coronavirus” in the best way possible, it’s very important that we seek out “good news” that can keep us encouraged and keep our eyes fixed on Christ and our hearts turned toward God.

For that reason, each Wednesday on my blog I will post a sermon from a series I did on the psalms last summer. In that series, I looked at seven different types of psalms that are in the Bible’s collection of Psalms and what they teach us about God. The feedback from that series was tremendous, and I hope that these sermons will be a source of hope for you during this time of crisis.

Here’s a short excerpt from the third sermon in the series and then the sermon video…

Psalm 22, a psalm of lament, allows us to be real about the pain we feel living in a fallen and broken world.  God doesn’t want us to ignore it or hide it; rather, he wants us to express it so that we can begin the process of moving beyond it.  Psalm 22 then cites specific examples of how God has redeemed his people from their pain in the past and then it looks forward to how God will do this in the future, so that in the present we can be confident that God is indeed with us in our pain.


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