A Great Gift Idea

In a recent two day span, I received a hand-written note in the mail, an email, and a phone call that all had the same purpose: to encourage me.

The hand-written note was a from a person going through a personal struggle who has found comfort in the preaching of God’s Word and included these words: “Thank you for your study of the Word and your faithfulness in preaching it…Thank you for all you do to speak God’s truth.”

The email was a from a man who was mentored in the Christian faith by some of my relatives who have all passed away. It included these words: “I loved them all, Rusty, and these were six people who first mentored me and lived out their lives in such a way as to model what a Christian who loves the Lord looks like. To a young man with five very young children and new in the faith, it was some of the most wonderful times of my life. I suspect they had a profound impact on your life as well.”

The phone call was from someone who watches our livestream worship service on Sunday mornings and included these words: “Thank you for your faithful preaching of God’s Word and for communicating it in a way that every person in our family, including the kids, learns something.”

The email was a reminder of my family heritage, while the note and phone call inspired me to keep moving forward in that heritage.

Each was a simple act.

But the simplicity of each act had a profound impact.

I needed the encouragement that each of these people provided, and I appreciate their thoughtfulness more deeply than each of them know.

And guess what?

You and I can do the same thing for someone else.

You and I both know people who could use some encouragement.

You and I both have people in our lives we appreciate, and we should let them know it.

You and I both admire people who would be so honored by a simple message that expresses our gratitude for their impact on our lives.

And all it takes to make someone’s day is just a few minutes to write a note, send an email, or make a call.

This is why we put simple ideas like these on our list of 12 Gifts of Christmas – because sometimes the greatest gifts we can give someone don’t cost a thing.

And sometimes the gifts people remember the most are the sincere expressions of love, kindness, and appreciation that come from the heart.

So, what are you waiting for?

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