A New Role

This is the message I shared with the Alameda church family on Sunday morning regarding my new bi-vocational role…

Dear Alameda,

Recently, I was asked to join the Learning and Development team for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services as a Professional Learning Facilitator, focusing on leadership training for DHS’ 6500 employees.  It’s an exciting opportunity, and I will start that job on December 14th. 

But, I will still be Alameda’s preacher and will continue my preaching and teaching duties and will continue to be available to you.  I am not leaving Alameda; instead, I am taking on a new adventure of bi-vocational ministry that will create some financial flexibility that our congregation is going to need as we continue to weather the coronavirus storm and the impact of COVID on churches all across America as well as expanding my personal ministry and mission field, which is something I consistently pray for.

In this new venture I will have the opportunity to make Jesus known to more and more people in ways and in places that I never could have imagined – and that is extremely exciting to me.  And, because of the elders’ support, I get to keep preaching the Gospel to a church family I deeply love for many more years to come.  And for that I am especially grateful.

While this is going to be different for me, you probably won’t notice a difference at all.  Your Sunday experience will be the same and since we have such a strong, talented, and dedicated ministry team here at Alameda, the work of the church will keep right on rolling.

For the past two and a half months we’ve been studying the book of Joshua, which calls us to exhibit courageous faith.  I am courageously taking a step of faith into something I truly believe God has authored, and I hope you’ll be excited for me.  But more than anything else, I hope that it will inspire you to also courageously seek new ways to make Jesus known to others.

I love you and thank you,

Rusty Tugman

This is the response that the Elders shared with the congregation (and I am extremely grateful for their support and truly humbled by these kind words)…


The elders believe as you do that this is an exciting opportunity and we support you as you take this new path. You have amazing gifts both in God’s Kingdom and in this world. And now you are presented with an opportunity to use those Kingdom gifts to a greater degree in the world… in a “bi-vocational” way as you describe it. You are well matched and prepared for this new role which puts you in a position to make a positive impact on an organization with 6500 employees. Those employees and agency leaders will benefit greatly from someone with your integrity, enthusiasm, leadership skills and Godly influence. 

Earlier this year you and I had a conversation in which you told me of an uplifting experience you had while attending a ministry conference. You were inspired by stories of how the gospel was touching the hearts of people in other nations around the world. This news made you resolve that no matter what you do or where you go, you said, “I am going to be a disciple maker”.

You’ve always been a disciple maker and I believe you always will be a disciple maker. You exhort and inspire us to be disciple makers too. Don’t ever give up doing that. I look forward to hearing you preach and teach with this congregation “for many years to come”.

I love you, the elders love you, and this church loves you. God Bless You in all your desires to do Kingdom work, and for all your journey.

On behalf of the Elders,

Mike Lee

8 thoughts on “A New Role

  1. Rusty, what an exciting development! I’m selfishly very happy that you’ll continue you preaching duties for us since, I’ve said many times, “I love smart preaching.” Leadership is an interesting animal, and as I’ve looked back on my life I realize how God has used the leadership role to stretch me and grow me. I’m sure it’s been the same for you. May you and your family continue to do brave things in service to King Jesus. Love, Skye Diers


  2. Very commendable! I pray for physical stamina and strength as you stretch yourself. May God’s Blessings be on you and our Church family as well as this nation.


      1. Congratulations. And. Are. Prayers. Are. With. You. In. Your. New. Mission. Marshall. Carol. 😊❤️‼️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  3. Still wrapping my head around your new venture. But I am also very excited for you. I will be praying for you. Keep me posted as to what kind of support you need or where I might fit in

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