5 Habits of High Achievers

Productivity and leadership guru Michael Hyatt lists five essentials for healthy achievement:

  1. Rest. Practice rest by getting adequate sleep every night and avoiding work on your day off.
  2. Reflection. Start a habit of pulling away to a quiet place to pause and reflect. Slow down for as little as 5 minutes to center yourself and reflect on your life’s direction.
  3. Relationships. Get intentional about building in-person relationships. This opens up a world of learning, encouragement, and accountability.
  4. Refreshment. Stay mindful about what you eat. Consume foods that will contribute to your productivity and be good, clean fuel – not stuff that’ll bog you down the rest of the day.
  5. Recreation. Pursue leisure activities that restore your body. Develop non-work-related interests and hobbies to give your brain the break it needs.

By focusing on the 5 R’s above, you’ll avoid burnout and restore the energy you need to win at work and succeed at life.

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